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The system decreases the insect population by intermittently misting the area with a pyrethrum spray. Each spray is typically 30 seconds and is usually four to eight times per day.

A 30 or 55 gallon reservoir with a self contained pump, motor and 24 hour timer is installed either in the garage or outside near your AC unit. The system is easily plugged into any 110 volt AC outlet. The spray nozzles are installed around the perimeter of the home and/or along a fence line or trees using a high pressure nylon tubing which conveys the misting concentrate to the spray nozzles. Our systems are equipped with a mechanical or solid state timers each with multiple pins to activate desired spray times. Our timers have an extra run button which allows you to spray between program times.

A system can be installed on any home or structure with additional spray nozzles being added at a later date such as when you add a pool or addition to your home.

Your fully automatic insect control system requires you to do nothing except sit back and enjoy your outdoors without the threat of pesky insects.

How Is The System Maintained
Once per month, or depending on your chemical usage, our Licensed Technicians will gauge the system, clean it and do general maintenance at NO CHARGE to you. You are charged for refilled chemical and/or replacement parts only. Should you have any problems during the interim period of service calls, we usually respond within 24 hours and again there is no charge for servicing other than the replacement parts. There are no required contracts to sign or minimum purchases.

New Home Construction
There is no better time to install the outdoor insect control system than during the construction phase of your new home. At this time it allows us the opportunity to install the tubing and spray nozzles from the inside so the only item that is visible from the outside is the spray nozzle itself. In many cases we can match the color of the spray nozzle to the color of the outside paint that you have chosen to make it even more ecstatically pleasing.

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