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Today's family simply cannot enjoy the full benefits of their home's outdoor living experiences due to the surrounding environment. Cookouts, family gatherings, pool parties, entertaining, or something as simple as a quiet evening on the porch or patio, can all be cut short due to the influx of mosquitoes, wasps, biting flies, spiders, or ants.

The question is ... how much more would you use the pool, patio, garden and yard if you could eliminate those pesky insects? Our outdoor misting system can offer a very effective solution to disease carrying mosquitoes and spiders that adds true personal value to your home.

Can Be Used On
  • Homes or Patios
  • Swimming Pool Areas
  • Tennis Courts or Club Houses
  • Boat Houses
  • Hunting Camps
  • Fences and Trees
  • Horse Barns or Dairy Barns
  • Restaurants
  • Solid Waste Bins
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Dog Kennels
  • Food Processing Plants
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